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Headboard and Base Colours

Bed Materials and Options

Colours and Textures

Headboard and Base Colours

Whatever style or theme you have in mind for your dream bedroom, our headboards and bases are available in a range of fabrics, with textures and colours to match or contrast with your desired theme.

Click the links below to view the full range of colour and texture swatches, and decide between a Suede, Velvet, Wool Linen, or Luxury Chenille.

Samples available from your local stockist.

Click HERE to see our Headboard and Pillows Collections

Mattress Fillings

Mattress Fillings


Our next generation  premium Memory-Foam specially developed to keep you cooler and fresher while giving your body head to toe pressure relief and support.

Cool Gel Breathable Lay-Tec

Our Ultra Uplifting supportive filling will help you keep cooler and fresher throughout the night.

Natural Talalay Latex® 

Chemical Free Talalay Latex pressure relieving, body-moulding filling gives a wonderful sumptuous feel and support.

New Cool Gel Latex 

Cool Gel infused Latex keeps you cooler and fresher throughout the night

REVO®  Comfort

30 Times more breathable than Memory Foam gives a cooler and refreshing nights sleep. Click for informative YouTube video.

Natural fillings

Our blended Natural fillings combining Lamb’s wool, Silk, Cotton, Cashmere & Mohair. Traditional, natural fillings for luxurious comfort and texture.

Hypo-Allergenic fillings

Layers of fleecy polyester perfect for any allergies.


See specific model for options on actual fillings used.

Cotton Field
Mattress Fabric
A close-up of the natural wool used in Smeaton Brothers' mattresses.

Mattress Fabric

Smeaton Collection

  • 100% Chemical Free

  • Natural biological based raw materials

  • Naturally sustainable

  • Flame Retardent

  • 100% Biodegradable


A natural fibre:-

  • It has the ability to absorb moisture

  • Air breathing and static contradicting

  • The feel of silk

  • Easy to dye

  • Strong and durable

Smart & Soft

Enabling the skin to keep dry by quickly removing sweat via it's air-permeable structure, providing a more comfortable sleep environment.


Modal is made using products from the beech tree. It is wholly natural, has the ability to extract moisture, and has a very soft surface. Modal is the unique fibre having the quality of being softness for skin.

Healthbeds Chill


Micro Climate Fabric treatment, based on micro-encapsulated waxes that have the capacity to ‘soak up’ or emit heat energy in order to keep the human body at consistent comfortable temperature through the night.

Belgian Damask 

Finest quality woven fabrics with benefits of anti-dust mite protection.


An innovative fibre structure helps the body to stay considerably cooler, dryer and more comfortable, maintaining an ambient sleeping environment.


Encouraging the production of Serotonin for a more restful and relaxing sleep, and supporting micro-circulation for improved blood circulation.

Wool & Cashmere

A luxurious fibre with natural softness which aids temperature regulation and comfort.​

Browse our online catalogue for specific information.

Mattress Interiors


Correct support is vital for a good night's sleep. That's why we have developed a choice of mattress interiors to give different support options...

Pocketed Spring

Available from a spring count of 800 up to 10800 individual nested springs. Designed with double reinforced edge support to ensure total comfort right to the edge of the mattress.

Ionic Long-life Spring

The latest advancement on the popular open coil spring, the Ionic Long Life Spring is unique to our sleep systems. It incorporates the open spring system but with a firmer section in the middle of the mattress to support the small of the back - the lumbar region. Extra support in this area can help to cushion the shoulders and provide relaxation to tired legs and feet.

Memory Foam

Second generation Memory-Foam developed to enhance air flow, which allows for a cooler and fresher sleep whilst giving your body head to toe pressure relief and support.



Chemical Free Talalay Latex is a pressure relieving, body-moulding filling gives a wonderful sumptuous feel and support. In our opinion it is the best material on the market and you will find it in a lot of our premium ranges. whilst being 100% natural, it give unrivaled support and longevity.

Revo Foam®

Revo foam was developed for three purposes. Its is 30x more breathable than memory foam and also dissipates heat 5x faster than other foams. Revo is also a great supporter of the body, supporting you a lot like Talalay Latex.

Mattress Design
A close-up of a Smeaton Pillow Top mattress

Mattress Design

All our mattresses are designed with no roll-off reinforced edge supports to ensure total comfort and provide extra sleeping area; they also incorporate side-air vents.


No-Turn Healthi-Flo®

These models have an air-flo mesh on the underside which, when combined with our unique Healthi-Flo® base foundation, helps to recycle air and moisture through the mattress and base. This allows the whole bed to breathe.

No-Turn Easy Care

Many of the models across our range of beds now feature the No-Turn Easy Care mattress. Extensive testing and product development has resulted in this unique innovation, whereby the mattress does not need to be turned over at regular intervals, making care of the bed much easier!


Our traditional mattresses should be turned every week for the first 3-6 months and every month thereafter to give even wear and prolong lifespan.

Foundation Base Systems
Image by DANNY G

Foundation Base Systems

Our Base foundations are a major part of our beds.

We only use Scandinavian pine which is slow grown and both FSC sustainable and traceable. We still traditionally screw, glue, staple and nail our bases for extra durability and depending on your models selection we now have smooth drawer runners.    

Internal Pocketed Edge to Edge Support

Available on request, incorporating a fully sprung Pocket spring which gives a super luxury feel to the whole bed, again with total edge support.

Padded Top

Our Classic base which provides a very firm base support.


Our Ottomans are perfect for if you need more space - need we say more?

Healthi-Flo® Ventilated Padded Top Base

This provides a very firm base support with ventilation holes to make your mattress more breathable.


Healthi-Flo® Open Coil Internal Sprung Ventilated Base.

With up to 350 tension sprung coil springs, giving a medium firmness comfort and support.

5” or 7 “ Bed Base or Leg base

This Traditional bed base can be made to measure with cut outs if required to fit any type of old style base.

Internal Edge to Edge Support 

Incorporating a fully sprung, open coil which gives a luxurious springy feel to the whole bed, with total edge support

Browse our online catalogue for specific information.

Drawer Options

Drawer Options
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