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The Windsor Collection

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Product Details
Brand: Smeaton Windsor Collection
Pocket Springs: 4900, 6200, 7800
Mattress Type: Natural fillings:- Alpaca, Pashmina, Lambswool, Bamboo
Base: Platform Top
Support: Soft, Medium or Firm
Care: No Turn Easy Care
Guarantee: 10 Year Full Guarantee
Drawer options: All Drawer an Ottoman options are available
Base Colour: Wide range of colour options to suit your style
Temperature Control: Moisture wicking and Temperature Regulating
Finish: Super soft tufts
Hypo-Allergenic: Yes

The Windsor is an exceptionally comfortable bed that is also environmentally friendly, it is available in the following models:

  • No49 - 4900 Pocket springs (Single layer of core springs) Feel = Medium/Firm
  • No62 - 6200 Pocket springs (Dual layers of core springs) Feel = Soft
  • No78 - 7800 Pocket springs (Dual layers of core springs) Feel = Medium

Mattress Features;

  • Fully turnable
  • Chemical free
  • 9 inch mattress (Slimmer design)
  • New super soft tufts (all the benefits of a regular tuft, but a softer feel to reduce impact on the body)
  • NEW 10 year guarantee
  • Natural Fillings:- Lambs wool, Pashmina, Alpaca & Bamboo

Our mattress fillings have the following benefits:

Alpaca - Better longevity than standard wool; moisture wicking and fast evaporation; Softer, more luxurious feel than sheep's wool.

Pashmina - This rare material which can only be harvested once a year, is even softer than cashmere.

Lambs wool - More hygienic than regular wool as lambs have a special fleece that fights germs and bacteria to keep it protected from disease.

Bamboo - This super soft and durable fibre, which is also hypo-allergenic, is also moisture wicking and temperature regulating.

All headboards and bases are available in a range of textures and colours. Click HERE to view.

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