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Cooltex Pillows

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The best pillow on the market, The Cooltex pillows are unrivalled in support and neck pain relief.

100% Talalay latex is the finest grade.
We infuse our Latex with graphite for better temperature regulation and to naturally meet the UK’s fire safety.
100% Chemical free product.
Available in High or Low profiles for individual sleeping positions.
High = Back and side sleepers. Low = Front and side sleepers.
Also available in 3ft (90cm) wide for super king size beds.
90cm is only available in one height. (inbetween high and low)


In all the time I have been specialising in the treatment of neck pain and injury, I have not found a better pillow than the Cooltex latex pillow. Its elastic profile allows for just the right level of contouring to absorb the shape and weight of the head but to not distort and lose its shape. 80% of my patients who use it feel it has been a major contributor to the relief of their neck problem.”

Mr Nicholas Potter, Registered Osteopath
Clinical Director, The Centre for Physical Medicine, Princess Grace Hospital, London.
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