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Envirotech 1800 / 2800

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Product Details
Brand: Envirotech 1000/ 1800 / 2800
Pocket Springs: 1800 / 2800
Mattress Type: Pocket Sprung mattress with True edge to edge, Hypo-Allergenic Fillings
Base: Platform Top
Support: Medium feel
Care: Easy-Care No-Turn - Please rotate
Guarantee: 1 Year Guarantee + 4 Year Warranty
Drawer options: Various options available
Base Colour: Wide range of colour options to suit your style
Finish: Micro Quilted

We are very proud of our Envirotech 1800 / 2800 with Seaqual fabric.

As the name suggests, this revolutionary new mattress has the stewardship of our environment at its heart. It has a unique fabric "Seaqual", which is created from plastics collected from our oceans by fishermen. This is turned into sustainable polyester fibers from which the fabric is made.

Another important feature is that at the end of the mattress life, it can be recycled, meaning zero to landfill.

These small steps will hopefully make a huge difference to the well being of our future generations, whilst improving the stewardship of our oceans and environment.

Keep watching this space, there will be more information on SEAQUAL to follow.

All headboards and bases are available in a range of textures and colours. Click HERE to view.

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